The Real French Phrasebook

This super helpful guide has 50 very common French phrases that people use every day. I’ve organized everything into 10 categories to help you get used to speaking French in different situations.

The best part is, each phrase comes with an audio that breaks down the pronunciation for you so you learn to use if just like a native speaker.

I don't think you can find such a compilation elsewhere! Sign up now and start speaking real French. Oh and it's free!

Check out how you can start using these everyday French expressions in your conversations!

A few real comments from real visitors:

There are so many informal, colloquial phrases that are just
not taught in schools and institutions. For example, “c’est mon trip” was something I’ve heard when among French friends but did not really know what it meant!
Now I do 🙂


My son wants to speak French, so my husband and I are looking for a French-speaking teacher for a more effective approach to his learning. I like your tip on bootstrapping the process by learning a bunch of complete phrases of everyday language, starting small and building up from there. We’ll be sure to consider your suggestion to have our son listen to simple conversations between native speakers about situations of everyday life. Thanks for this!


I must say this is incredible. Hats off to you guys. Real authentic french phrases that's exactly what i want to learn with. Thanks once again.


WOW this is an incredible resource. I agree with Susana, the audio is really a great tool and I love how you added in different options for each phrase, and broke it down. This is an amazing resource. I am definitely checking out the rest of your website. Thanks!!


I’m learning French on my own, and the authenticity of the language material i take in is so important to me. Thanks for the authentic French you provide. Merci mille fois a vous.


Thank you for all your hard work. It's really helpful for me as an American learning French in Paris. I've been very discouraged because I study really hard but still can't understand very well spoken French. Your material has been eye opening for me and are really helped put my foot forward one step in the right direction!


When I listen to people speaking French in informal situations, I hear them use words like “bof” “bah” “bon bah” “euh” a lot. I never really know which of these words I should use when I speak French myself. As an English native speaker, I end up just saying “ummmm” when I am thinking of how to answer a question or respond to someone in French.
Could you give some examples of how words like “bof” “bah” and “euh” are used in informal situations?