French Audio Lessons

Learn French Speaking Fast Track :
10 supercharged audio Lessons

Listen to this lesson sample:

  • You listen to a short, dialogue in informal real-life spoken French
  • You learn to precisely pronounce each new phrase step by step
  • You continuously review and reuse the phrases you’ve learned earlier
  • You respond to simple questions using the phrases you’ve acquired
  • Built-in progression : each lesson builds on the previous ones with
  • You’ll be able to hear and recognize the common phrases in real life
  • You’ll know which common phrases to use in specific situations
  • You’ll be capable of naturally responding to people in French
  • You’ll be able to pronounce these phrases without effort
  • You’ll be able to confidently say simple things in everyday French

Few learners are able to speak proficiently. That’s because of the way French is usually taught.

If you’ve had French lessons, you’ve probably learned grammar rules, vocabulary lists, verb conjugation.

That’s great for getting started, becoming familiar with the words and sounds, learning to read and write. But not for speaking.

In real life interaction, you find yourself trying to assemble individual words and grammar rules in real time to put together (or decipher) a sentence.

It doesn’t work.  The only way to learn French speaking is to hear and practice complete phrases in their context.

Then you learn to imitate the sounds and intonation.

Most people find it much easier and more comfortable to read than listen. That’s why they never get to really learn French speaking !

For many learners, listening is very hard at first. It requires a significant effort on their part. Hence what we might call “oral laziness”.

Through simple listening and imitation exercises, you can quickly learn to better discriminate sounds and reproduce them.

Beyond the language itself, it’s your oral capabilities you’re developing.

All of a sudden, you'll be able to hear intonation and word stress.  Words will no longer be neutral to your ear. And since you’ll be able to hear, you'll also imitate better.

  • Listen to a real-life, everyday dialogue in French
  • Listen to the first phrase in the dialogue. You may be hearing this phrase for the first time in your life
  • Hear the phrase as it’s pronounced piece by piece. Repeat the pieces, then the full phrase with the correct pronunciation
  • Move on to the next phrase
  • Check if you can remember the previous phrase and its pronunciation
  • Mix and match phrases by responding to sentences using the phrases you’ve learned

Buy with Paypal: $19.99 one-time payment (no recurring), lifetime access

What is the difference between the audio and video lessons?

Both audio and video lessons are 100% focused on oral skills, that is learning French speaking and listening.  No grammar, no writing.

But while the video lessons are immersion-based, the audio lessons are translation-based.

The video lessons are a great resource for French learners who already have at least a basic understanding of spoken French and want to improve their speaking skills by immersing themselves in conversation without the help of English.

Indeed, the video dialogues and their associated video exercises use French only.  You understand the meaning of the phrases by looking at gestures, decors, and illustration images.

Within a given level, the video lessons can be watched in any order.

The audio lessons, on the other hand, target beginner speakers who want to learn French speaking from an English base. 

Indeed, while some people are happy to fully immerse themselves in French, others feel more comfortable learning French speaking with the support of their native language.

The audio lessons offer that choice, without forgoing BBF’s effective phrase-based learning approach to French speaking.

The audio lessons have in-depth built-in progression, with each lesson building on previous ones through phrase decomposition, repetition and situation reuse.

So to recap, the video lessons are for you if :

  • You already understand some French
  • You want to fully immerse yourself in French (no English)
  • You are a visual person who learns best through images

The audio lessons are for you if :

  • You are a truly beginner speaker (even if you can read or write)
  • You prefer to learn from the comfort of your native language
  • You want a fast-track method with built-in progression (A-Z)
  • You are an audio type person

Are the video lessons free? What about the audio lessons?

The video lessons are free, with a few of them requiring signup (all free).  The audio lessons pack require a small one-time payment.

Bla Bla Français started out as a 100% free resource site for spoken French learners.  It offers incredible value with dozens of videos, including animated dialogues and video exercises, all free.

In response to numerous requests from our users, we’ve created the fast-track audio lessons pack to offer beginner learners an alternative approach to learning real-life French speaking, based on audio, English support, and clear built-in progression (see FAQ #1 above).

Both video and audio lessons require an enormous amount of time to write and animate / record.  For this reason we’ve decided to charge a small fee for the audio pack to cover some of our costs and be able to continue creating free material for learning French speaking.

Does the audio lessons pack require a recurring payment ?

No.  Only a one time payment of $19.99.  No subscription, no expiration, no renewal.  After purchase, you get full access to the audio lessons forever.

Can I download the audio files in the lessons pack ?

No, downloading is not supported at the moment.  You access the audio lessons on the BBF website after signing in with your login and password.  You then listen to the audio lessons through streaming.

Do you have a money back guarantee ?

Not really.  Given the low price of the lessons pack, and the comprehensive lesson sample which clearly shows what the lessons sound like, I feel this is a relatively risk-free thing and there’s no need for a money back guarantee.

That said, if after purchase you have a legitimate reason for returning the pack, I'll certainly examine your request.  After all, my goal is for people to be happy because they are finally learning French speaking !

What do I do if I encounter a problem ?

If you have any question or concern related to the audio lessons pack, shoot us an email at audiopack (at) blablafrancais (dot) com