What is Bla Bla Français?

Welcome to Bla Bla Français!  This website is dedicated to helping you learn conversational French.  Our conversation French video and audio lessons follow these principles:

  • No writing
  • No grammar
  • No translation

Read more about the BBF approach to learning conversational French here.

What resources are available on BBF?

There are 4 types of resources you can use to build up your French skills.

  1. Free blog articles with dozens of audio clips for pronunciation skills.
  2. All free video lessons, each with a short fun animated video dialogue and several exercise videos for honing your conversational speaking and listening skills.
  3. A paid (but super cheap) audio-only quick start course for complete beginners who need to start speaking French fast for conversational needs.

Where to start?

  1. First, take a look at a couple of blog posts with audio clips to get into French-speaking mode and learn tons about the French spoken language and expressions.
  2. Next, if you're NOT a complete beginner in French, go to our free French conversation video lessons to build up your speaking skills and everyday French conversation. Although some of the lessons require instant registration, they're all free access.
  3. If you are a complete beginner in spoken French, on the other hand, check out our quick-start audio lessons package (paid but super cheap) to bootstrap your everyday conversational French.  You can jump directly to the audio lessons FAQ for more about the lessons and how they differ from the videos.

What learners are saying

Here are user comments about the conversation video lessons and the quick-start audio package:

Okay, I am so excited about these new lessons! For years I've been looking for a program like Bla Bla Français and here it is! I have always liked the language learning methods of the FSI Language Courses (I don't know if you're familiar) ... you have managed to enhance this technique by using colloquial dialogue instead of the stuffy formal textbook language that so many other programs have employed. This is brilliant, and I believe that these new audio lessons will be a beneficial addition to your teaching method.

I just finished working through lesson7 and I must say it's terrific! Great job! Very helpful, loved it. The contraction of words and phrases make a lot of sense for me to be learned and studied. That's the way natives really talk. Also, I like the normal conversation speed which you present and decompose in a very accessible way. Keep up the good work.​

I’m learning French on my own, and the authenticity of the language material i take in is so important to me. Thanks for the authentic French you provide. Merci mille fois a vous.

WOW this is an incredible resource. I agree with Susana, the audio is really a great tool and I love how you added in different options for each phrase, and broke it down. This is an amazing resource. I am definitely checking out the rest of your website. Thanks!!

It is amazing. Thanks so much for your website. I am learning french to a portuguese student in France. I have been seven years in San Francisco as a french teacher in a french american school. It is very good for me to teach again to foreign students back in my country. Thanks a lot for your help !