Where to start ?

" I want to learn French but don't know where to start "

" I want to actually SPEAK French, not just read or write it !"

" I studied French but have a hard time understanding people when they speak to me"

" I understand a little but have difficulty finding the right phrases to express myself"

" The method I use focuses on grammar and vocabulary, not on verbal skills"

" Native French speakers speak too fast for me"


Bla Bla Français is about learning to actually speak French in everyday life, not read and write it.

It's for people who need to be able to quickly handle themselves in a French speaking environment.

What you learn on this site is NOT school stuff.  It's real-life, spoken, informal language.

If you :

  • have had French coursework before
  • know the language basics
  • know some grammar
  • know some vocabulary
  • can read and write some
  • can understand some when spoken slow
  • are able to say a few words to a French speaker
  • understand parts of a what a French speaker says

Then the free video lessons are for you :

  • watch the dialogue 2 or 3 times
  •  watch the "understand" video with illustrations
  • watch the "read" video to see the written words
  • do the Role Playing and other exercise videos in the lesson
  • stay on that lesson until you know all the phrases very well
  • and you make almost no mistakes in the Role Play

If you :

  • have had few French lessons before
  • consider yourself a beginner speaker or close
  • want to speak real-life French asap
  • need to handle yourself in a French environment fast
  • are not interested in writing and grammar for the moment
  • need to progress fast to become a French speaker

Then the premium audio lessons are for you.