Learn colloquial French the way French people really speak it !

French speaking conversation for every day life

Bla Bla Français - French speaking conversation video lessons

Learning spoken French is hard !

” I want to learn French but don’t know where to start 

” I want to actually SPEAK French, not just read or write it !”

” I studied French but have a hard time understanding people when they speak to me”

” I understand a little but have difficulty finding the right phrases to express myself”

” The method I use focuses on grammar and vocabulary, not on verbal skills

” Native French speakers speak too fast for me

There are 3 main reasons for these problems

Nº1 : spoken French as used in every day life is very different from the language learned in books

Nº2 : most French learning methods focus primarily on the written language, not the real spoken language.

Nº3 : there are very few books and methods for learning the authentic informal and colloquial spoken French.

Apprendre à parler français

Bla Bla Français is the first website to address these problems

Bla Bla Français is a growing library composed of dozens of HD videos with dialogues in every day colloquial French.

Watch short, free and entertaining video animations staging every day life scenes.

The dialogues are recorded by native French speakers from France.

The videos use phrases and expressions as they are naturally employed in France.

The videos teach the colloquial language as it is actually spoken in French speaking conversation.

Including informal and slang expressions not taught by most methods.

Even the practice exercises are HD videos !

Each video dialogue is associated with practice videos to help you understand, pronounce, and memorize the content.

You hear and imitate the every day life spoken, colloquial language people actually speak!

That’s what distinguishes Bla Bla Français from other methods.

And our video lesson library is constantly growing !

Bla Bla Français : a new approach ?

There are lots of French speaking dialogues on the internet.  However, BlaBla Français has a unique approach.

Many websites and podcasts publish audio conversations.  Audio content is great for learning but it needs to be used in the right way to be effective.

Images are one way to make audio content more effective. They provide additional support through context, decor, situation, character facial and body expressions.  All of these help to understand and memorize.

Watch, listen, imitate

In order to learn to speak, you need to watch, listen, and mimick the phrases and gestures of native speakers!

Bla Bla Français’ practice videos were designed exactly for that purpose.

No writing, no grammar.  Only spoken content, video and images. 

Bla Bla Français helps you greatly improve  your listening, comprehension, and speaking.

Bla Bla Français in short