French conversation practice

French Conversation Practice (with audio)

The hardest thing when learning French is finding someone to practice conversation with, particularly if you're a beginner.

That person needs to have time, lots of patience, and ideally be a native speaker to really help you choose the right phrases and expressions and pronounce them correctly.

The goal of this post is to allow you to test yourself with a French conversation practice quiz - and make some progress along the way - before you go out there and immerse in the merciless French-speaking crowd for face-to-face French conversation.

The most important things to pick up when learning French (or any foreign language) is the little everyday phrases people say over and over, such as "how have you been?" or "it looks like rain!".

These basic little "ready-made" phrases are the ones that make you sound like a true French speaker.

If you've been spending time on the Bla Bla Français website, you probably know that to really learn spoken French, memorizing and learning to naturally use such simple everyday phrases and expressions is the fastest way to spoken French fluency.

This is best accomplished by continuously listening to audio dialogues and reusing the phrases in relevant situations.

For this reason, at Bla Bla Français we continue to build our growing library of everyday video/audio dialogues and audio articles covering common everyday life spoken French situations.

This is one of these articles! Below are some very common French conversation bits you hear all the time in real French life. Try to respond in French, then go to the last section of the article to check your answers (there may be more than one way to respond) and hear the pronunciation (audio).

1. French conversation practice: asking for time

While walking down the street, you stop someone you don't know to ask them for time:

Pardon monsieur, vous avez l'heure s'il vous plait? (excuse me sir, do you have the time please?)

Try to answer in French:

- Yes, it's quarter to three.

- It's almost 6:30pm

- Of course! it's 12:15

2. French conversation practice: running into a friend

At the grocery store, you run into a friend you haven't see in a while.

Alors, qu'est-ce-que tu deviens? (so, what have you been up to?)

Try to answer in French:

Well you know, same old...

Did I tell you I've move?

Well I'm good! What about you?

3. French conversation practice: chatting about the weather

You're discussing the weather with someone in French.

Il fait beau aujourd'hui, tu ne trouves pas? (the weather is nice today, isn't it?)

Try to answer in French:

Never trust appearances!

It's forecast rain this afternoon.

Yes but it's not supposed to last.

4. French conversation practice: discussing vacation plans

You ask a co-worker about their vacation plans.

Qu'est-ce-que tu fais cet été? (what are your plans for the summer?)

Try to answer in French:

We're thinking of renting something in the Basque Country.

I don't have any plans for now.

I'm not going anywhere, I'll be working on my thesis.

5. French conversation practice: deciding on where to go out

You and a friend are discussing plans for tomorrow evening.

Qu'est-ce-que tu veux qu'on fasse demain soir? (what do you want to do tomorrow night?)

Try to answer in French:

We can go out to eat if you want.

You want to go watch a movie?

It's up to you, I don't really care.

6. French conversation practice: expressing disagreement

You are talking with a person you don't agree with at all.

Tout le monde sait que Marseille est la plus belle ville de France! (Everybody knows Marseille is the nicest city in France!)

Try to answer in French:

Well I don't agree with you at all!

That's definitely not my opinion.

I really think you're wrong.

7. French conversation practice: expressing surprise

Someone says something that really surprises you.

Tu savais que Jean s'était marrié le mois dernier? (did you know Jean had gotten married last month?)

Try to answer in French:

No way! you're kidding?

Really? Are you sure about that?

Well I can't believe it!

8. French conversation practice: having a meal together

You're sitting at the dinner table with your family.

Tu peux me donner encore un peu de soupe s'il te plait? (can you give me a little more soup please?)

Try to answer in French:

Of course, I'll serve you some more, pass me your bowl.

Here, help yourself, here's the soup tureen

There's none left, we finished it all.

9. French conversation practice: getting angry at someone

You're standing in line at the market and someone wants to take your turn.

Vous permettez que je passe avant vous? Je suis très pressé (do you mind if I go before you? I'm really in a hurry)

Try to answer in French:

Are you out of your mind?

Some nerve! Who do you think you are!

You'll have to wait like everyone else!

10. French conversation practice: saying how you feel about something

You're standing in line at the market and someone wants to take your turn.

Que penses-tu du spectacle d'hier soir? (how did you like last night's show?)

Try to answer in French:

Oh I really loved it!

It was OK but not great.

I didn't like it at all

Answers to the French conversation practice quiz (with audio)

French conversation practice 1

Oui, il est trois heures moins le quart.
Il est presque dix-huit heures trente.
Bien sûr, il est midi un quart.

French conversation practice 2

Ben tu sais, le train-train / toujours pareil
Je t'ai dit que j'ai déménagé?
Ecoute moi ça va... Et toi?

French conversation practice 3

Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences!
Ils ont annoncé de la pluie cet après-midi.
Oui mais apparemment ça ne va pas durer...

French conversation practice 4

On pense louer quelque chose sur la Côte Basque.
Je n'ai aucun projet pour l'instant.
Je ne vais pas bouger, je travaille sur ma thèse.

French conversation practice 5

On peut faire un petit restau si tu veux.
Tu veux qu'on aille voir un film?
C'est comme tu veux, moi ça m'est égal

French conversation practice 6

Alors la je ne suis pas d'accord du tout!
Ce n'est certainement/absolument pas mon avis.
Je pense vraiment que tu as tord.

French conversation practice 7

C'est pas vrai! Tu plaisantes?
Ah bon? Tu en sûre de ça?
Alors là je n'en reviens pas / j'ai du mal à y croire !

French conversation practice 8

Bien sûr, je vais te servir, passe moi ton bol.
Tiens, sers-toi, voila la soupière.
Il n'y en a plus, on a tout fini...

French conversation practice 9

Non mais ça ne va pas non?
Quel culot! Vous vous prenez pour qui?
Vous n'avez qu'à attendre comme tout le monde!

French conversation practice 10

Ah j'ai vraiment adoré!
C'était pas mal, sans plus.
Non ça ne m'a pas plu du tout.

Questions or doubts?

If you've taken the above quiz and are wondering about something, e.g. you've given a different answer and are not sure if yours is also correct for the situation, just drop us a comment below, we'll take a look and respond in a flash.

Bon courage!

Featured image: Kawtar Cherkaoui

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