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Comprehensive list of French learning resources

This website maintains a fabulous list of links for everything French learning ! Its owner has done - and keeps doing - a fantastic job compiling quality, free access websites and blogs across the web.  The list has grown a lot and has become an important online reference for French learners.  It has its own intuitive and manual classification which allows users to quickly find resources on specific areas of French learning.

Apprendre et enseigner le français - FLE

Vous trouverez dans ce site plus de 10 000 liens pour apprendre et enseigner le français.

Language exchange platform

Language holidays for children, teenagers, family groups and adults of all ages through language exchanges, homestays and one-to-one language tutors. Lingoo provides four ways to learn a foreign language:

  • Language exchange – two families offer hospitality to each other; either as a family group, just the children or adults; this language swap is a modern approach to the traditional French exchange.
  • Live and learn with your teacher – stay in the home of a teacher to learn French formally.
  • Stay with a host family – stay with a host family for a French language immersion holiday.
  • Conversation training – day-to-day access to a native speaker when you host a Language Au Pair in your home for intensive, language and conversation practice.
French language exchange and homestays

Lingoo home page

Body language in French : common gestures

This page lists some body gestures commonly associated with certain French expressions.  Each expression has a photo next to it that shows the gesture most French people use when saying the expression.  A great idea, very much in line with Bla Bla Français' animated dialogues approach !

French Gestures - The Unspoken French !

So much of language is unspoken. Learn the French gestures, what they mean and how they appear. Check out the French body language !


By the way, most of the expressions listed in the page have not yet been covered in our lessons, however they will be in future lessons ! If you would like to see any of these expressions in a lesson soon, drop a comment and we'll include it asap.

Langue française : liens utiles

Another comprehensive list of practical and useful online resources to help learners understand the French language better.

Liens Utiles

Why I didn't learn French in France

Jimmy's experience trying to learn the language while hanging out in France ... A fun article !
Often, just spending time in a country does not help that much in picking up the language, unless you already have a basic foundation.   I typically build that foundation by listening to audio and watching videos in the target language before traveling !

Learning spoken French

Langoland - French vocabulary

Langoland - French vocabulary and multilingual dictionary

Preply - find a one-on-one French tutor

Preply is a marketplace for in-home and online tutoring. The website is pleasant, with tutors presenting themselves with short videos. Attractive design, nearly 400 French tutors, affordable prices.

Check out Preply French tutors

Language 101

An implementation of the "Spaced Repetition" method, the fastest method for learning languages that has been proven for the last 100 years.