Full-length spoken French quiz

Test Your Spoken French Skills

This is a little quiz to test your knowledge of everyday French phrases and expressions. You'll find a mix of multiple choice and multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, and audio questions to challenge your skills!

Go through the questions and check your answers right away at the end.

The material tested here is generally suitable for learners anywhere between A2 and C1. So if you're a beginner French learner, don't be discouraged if these questions feel too hard! You may still find it interesting to check the answers and additional comments.

Let's start the test!

Fill in the blank:

"Faire le nécessaire"
Tu pour le diner ?
Oui oui, tout est prêt.

Fill in the blank (audio):
Select all answers that apply:

- Il paraît que ce film est nul.
- Oui, __________ d'y aller.

Fill in the blank (audio):
Fill in the blank:

"Avoir du mal"
Elle est très forte en math.
Oui mais en français.

Choose the right answer:

- Il plaisante beaucoup, mais là je pense qu'il faut __________.

Fill in the blank (audio):
Fill in the blank:

"Faire marche arrière"
Tu penses qu'elle va changer d'avis?
Non, elle ne .

Choose the right answer:

Tu aimes ta nouvelle école?

Fill in the blank (audio):
Ton niveau de français?

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