tu n'as pas confiance en moi

French Video: Tu N’as Pas Confiance En Moi!

A dentist, his wife, and a substitute dentist are all having dinner together and discussing the dentist's project of traveling with his wife while the substitute takes over the practice. Husband and wife have differing views on this project and she ends up admitting she doesn't really trust the substitute.

Watch this short clip in FrenchThe clip should start at 25:47 (in case it doesn't). I highly recommend you first watch it at 0.75x speed.

- Je ne comprends pas pourquoi tu n'arrives pas à concevoir ce qui nous arrive comme une chance. C'est une chance!
- On commencera à parler de l'énorme chance qui nous arrive quand on aura contourné les problèmes financiers.
- Quels problèmes financiers ?
- Ceux qui vont pas tarder.
- Tu n'as pas confiance en moi.
- Si.
- Non, non, non. Depuis deux jours, tu te comportes comme quelqu'un qui n'a pas confiance en moi, excuse moi!
- C'est pas en toi que j'ai pas confiance...
- Je comprends pas. Ben vas y ! Vas y, explique toi. Je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis.
- Moi je crois avoir compris.
- S'il vous plait, c'est pas le moment.
- Si justement...
- Non, non, c'est pas le moment.
- Bon, je vais chercher la suite....
- Non non non non. Non non non ! On va régler ce petit problème maintenant.

English version

  • I don't understand why you can't see this as an opportunity. It's a chance.
  • We'll start talking about this "great chance" once we've dealt with the financial problems.
  • What financial problems?
  • The ones that are coming soon.
  • You don't trust me.
  • Yes, I do.
  • No, no, no. For the past two days, you've been acting like someone who doesn't trust me, I'm sorry!
  • It's not you I don't trust.
  • I don't understand. Go ahead! Explain yourself. I don't understand what you're saying.
  • I think I understand...
  • Please, this isn't the time.
  • Actually, it is...
  • No, no, it's not the time.
  • OK, I'll go get the next dish...
  • No, no, no, no! We're going to sort out this little problem right now!

Concevoir (x) comme (y)

This phrase means to think of something in terms of something else - imagining or conceptualizing something in a specific way. It usually translates to "To see something as..."

"Elle conçoit son travail comme une mission sociale."

She sees her job as a social mission.

Ce qui nous arrive

This phrase translates to "what is happening to us." It's used to talk about something someone is going through.

"Personne ne comprend ce qui lui arrive en ce moment."

Nobody understands what is happening to him/her right now.

"Qu'est-qui t'arrive en ce moment?"

What is happening to you right now?

Ne pas tarder

This means "not to delay" or "not to be long." It's used to say that someone or something will arrive or happen soon.

"Les problèmes financiers ne vont pas tarder!"

Financial problems will not be long in coming!

"Je ne vais pas tarder, j'arrive tout de suite."

I won't be long, I'll be right there.

Avoir confiance en quelqu'un

This means "To trust someone."

"J'ai confiance en toi pour ce projet."

I trust you for this project.

"Elle n'a pas du tout confiance en lui."

She doesn't trust him at all.

"C'est pas en toi que j'ai pas confiance."

It's not you I don't trust.

Another way to talk about trusting someone is to use "Faire confiance":

"Tu ne me fais pas confiance" ( = "tu n'as pas confiance en moi")

"Je ne te/lui fais pas confiance" (I don't trust you/him or her)

Explique toi

This means "explain yourself" - when you want someone to provide clarification or justification for their actions or words.

"Explique toi, je ne comprends pas pourquoi tu as fait ça."

Explain yourself, I don't understand why you did that.

Je vais chercher la suite

In the context of the dialogue, this means "I will get the rest", referring to the next dish of the meal. If they had already had the main course, she might have said:

"Je vais chercher le dessert."

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