French Phrase: “Ça Va Pas La Tête !”

French phrase “ça va pas la tête !”

"Ça va pas la tête!" is a colloquial expression that means "Are you crazy?!" or "What's wrong with you?!"

It's used to show disbelief, surprise, or disapproval after someone says or does something that appears irrational or unexpected. It literally translates to "Is your head not OK ?"

The phrase is an extension of "Ça va pas?" which means "Are you okay?!", "Are you out of your mind?!", or "are you nuts ?!".

Adding "la tête" (the head) implies something is wrong with the person, that they are deranged or have a mental problem.

This expression is widely used in France and illustrates the French habit of mixing humor with everyday communication.

"Ça va pas la tête!" is often used in informal conversations among friends or family, often in a light-hearted or joking manner. It helps keep conversations going and diffuses tension by adding a touch of humor to disapproval.

Short dialogue with "Ça va pas la tête!"

Listen to the audio:

French text

Et si on faisait un barbecue sur le balcon ce soir ?

Ça va pas la tête ! C'est interdit et dangereux.

Oui, tu as raison. On va plutôt le faire au parc.

English version

What if we had a barbecue on the balcony tonight?

Are you crazy?! It's forbidden and dangerous.

Yes, you're right. We'll do it in the park instead.

More examples of using "Ça va pas la tête"

If someone proposes doing something that could be dangerous or harmful, you can use "Ça va pas la tête !" to show your concern:

"On pourrait rouler toute la nuit pour arriver plus vite."
"Ça va pas la tête ! Tu veux conduire sans dormir !"

We could drive all night to get there faster.
Are you crazy?! You want to drive without sleeping!

Suppose someone spends too much money on something unnecessary:

"J'ai acheté une écharpe en soie."
"Ça va pas la tête ! C'est beaucoup trop cher !"

I bought a silk scarf.
Are you crazy?! That's way too expensive!

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