Raconter des Salades

French Expression: Raconter Des Salades

The expression "raconter des salades" means to tell lies or to tell exaggerated, unbelievable stories. It can translate to "to tell tall tales" or "to BS". It's used when someone is making up stories or not being truthful.

The literal translation is "to tell salads," which doesn't make sense in English but is understood in French as telling false stories.

"Raconter des salades" is informal and often used in everyday conversation. It can describe both small, harmless lies or more significant fabrications. It's not slang, however, and is often used in business or more formal settings.

The expression is believed to date back to the 19th century. It is a metaphor: a salad is a mix of ingredients that go well together, similar to a collection of gossip that, when mixed with a bit of humor and false excuses, can be passed off as true.

It can be used with a playful, sarcastic, or serious tone depending on the context.

Petit dialogue

La femme: Tu étais où ?

Le mari: Ben j'étais au boulot!

La femme: Ouais c'est ça! Tu me racontes des salades!

Le mari: Pas du tout!

La femme: Ton assistante vient d'appeller, figure toi! Elle te cherche partout!

English version

The wife: Where were you?

The husband: Well, I was at work!

The wife: Yeah, right! You're telling me lies!

The husband: Not at all!

The wife: Your assistant just called, believe it or not! She's looking for you everywhere!

Example 1:

"Jean m'a dit qu'il gagne beaucoup d'argent."
"Ne l'écoute pas, il raconte des salades."

Jean told me he makes a lot of money.
Don't listen to him; he's making up stories."

Example 2:

"Je ne crois rien de ce qu'elle dit. Elle est toujours en train de raconter des salades."

I don't believe anything she says. She's always telling lies.

Example 3:

"Arrête de raconter des salades!"

Stop making up stories!

Example 4:

"C'est vrai ce qu'il dit?"
"Mais non, c'est des salades tout ça!"

Is it true, what he's saying?
No, that all BS!"

Example 5:

"A force de raconter des salades, plus personne ne te croit!"

By constantly making up stories, no one believes you anymore!

Note the expression "à force de" - learn more here.

Example 6:

In a more formal situation:

"Lors de son témoignage, il a raconté des salades pour se protéger."

During his testimony, he told lies to protect himself.

Related Expressions

"Baratiner: to sweet-talk or to try to persuade someone with exaggerated or false stories.

"Il a baratiné tout le monde avec ses histoires."

He sweet-talked everyone with his stories.

"Bourrer le crâne": to brainwash or to fill someone's head with nonsense.

"Ils ont essayé de nous bourrer le crâne avec leurs idées."

They tried to brainwash us with their ideas.

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