Daily Email French Lessons: 15 minutes a day

As you know, Bla Bla Français focuses exclusively on learning everyday spoken French primarily through video and audio content (plus a written blog). Our active members have been making great progress in French speaking and listening and are very happy with the Bla Bla Français video and audio lessons library.

Some of you, however, have expressed interest in having additional options for learning some more traditional aspects of the French language, including French grammar, vocabulary, and culture, through primarily written lessons.

Wait... Did you say email lessons?

We heard you! We partnered with Frantastique, a cool interactive approach focused mainly on written French. Frantastique lets you build up your French vocabulary, grammar, and cultural knowledge through short daily email lessons with interactive exercises and quizzes. The lessons are fun and easy and require only 15 minutes a day to complete. Being AI-powered, they also automatically adapt to your personal level and needs.

We think Frantastique is a great complement to Bla Bla Français' primary focus on speaking because their interactive email lessons revolve around written French and grammar first - they do embed some media clips in the lessons as well. Check out the description below, if it looks appealing to you, you can sign up to give Fantastique a free try (without having to leave this site) and start receiving your daily email lesson and corrections!